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VIDEOGIOCHI is a video and sound performance by Anna Franceschini, Diego Marcon and Federico Chiari (as PAD - Piccolo Artigianato Digitale). A lively collection of knick-knacks that aims to direct the visitor’s gaze, urging reflection on the need of observation. A portable industrial conveyor belt is transformed into a quasi-narrative device, a generator not only of movement, but also of small fictional object-shows, the perfect stage for the pseudo short dramatized life and death of an array of pop and industrial objects. Two different points along the device mark a beginning and an end; a series of cheap tricks, props and self-made devices activated by the performers constitute an apparatus which stages both the image and the mechanisms that produce it. Despite the structure of the performance is fixed, each time VIDEOGIOCHI is declined in different forms. Each of them focuses on a topic that is explored through the visual and sound objects that compose its imaginary. Up to now, it as been performed in its basic version, then re-staged into three variations:


VIDEOGIOCHI (MEDITERRANEA), dedicated to Italian stereotypes;

VIDEOGIOCHI (GRAN MILANO) to Milano icons and symbols;

VIDEOGIOCHI (HALLOWEEN EDITION), featuring characters and objects borrowed from the horror imaginary.

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