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Monelle is a 35 mm film by Diego Marcon, on which I've been doing music, sound recording and post production.

Monelle has been selected for Bright Future section in International Film Festival Rotterdam.

From Diego Marcon's website:

"A number of little girls lie asleep between the intersections and the architectural elements of the Casa del Fascio in Como, design by Giuseppe Terragni—one of the most important modernist architecture. Flashlights shine in the space, making the images appear for an instant–just the time necessary for the exposed frames to register with the viewer’s gaze before being plunged back into darkness. Around the sleeping bodies, some presences developed in CGI animation occupy the architecture and move around the space in obscure activities: nothing of their actions is visible to us, except in the fragments in which the image shows itself under the flashlight. Monelle is a circular film without any narrative or hierarchy, without a beginning or an end, and it circumscribes a place of promiscuity and ambiguity between the different formats used—35mm and CGI animation—and the approaches of two opposites film attitudes—the structural cinema and the horror genre."

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