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Litania is a video work by Diego Marcon, on which i’ve been doing field recording and audio post production. It has been shot in Medjugorjie, Bosnia, in the summer of 2011.


From Diego Marcon’s website:


“The video is filmed in Medjugorjie, Bosnia, known for being place of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to a group of kids since 1982 and, nowadays, as an important destination of Catholic pilgrimage. Immersed into an invisible and continuous stream of sound, pilgrims climb to the mountains, at the feet of still and silent statues. In front of the images, the crucifixes and the Holy Mary, they compose their thoughts in prayer; around them, slowly, it gets dark. In its cadence and length, Litania is a gradual fading to black of the frame; a film that, approaching the vision, loses the sight. Denied to the gaze any visual reference, sunk into an inescapable black each icon and image, their strength can resonate in the void left by this negation.”

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