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The Stuffed Shirt is a 3 channel video installation by Anna Franceschini, Produced by Peep-Hole and VISTAMARE in 2012. 


From Anna Franceschini’s site: “The work alludes to an idiomatic expression that is no longer used much and it stars a “dressman”, an automatic ironing system used by industrial laundries to eliminate creases from shirts and trousers. The “dressman” fills the shirts with life, almost making them explode; it pushes them to the limit, to a sort of cardiac arrest that makes the garment collapse. The artist uses the camera as a resuscitator, a sort of heartlung device of the moving image. Through a machine – the 16mm camera – for short repeated seconds Franceschini gives a fleeting humanized image to another machine: the press.”


My intervention consisted in the recording and arrangement of the steamy sounds of the ironing machineries, coupled with an ascending harp glissando loop.

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