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Federico Chiari is a musician and sound designer. He provided sound for many visual artists' films, videos, and installations. Some of these works have been screened in important European film festivals, such as Venice Biennale, Cannes, IFFR, Locarno, Cinéma du réel, as well as museums and art institutions such as MAXXI, Fondazione Prada, Madre, Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

His encounter with hardcore techno and the rave scene around 2010 had a major impact on his practice; he has conducted long-lasting research on the subject and is currently working on a book about the history of hardcore techno called Hardcore Will Never Die.

This fascination for the fringes of DJ culture brought him to explore the other side of the sonic spectrum, with what he calls Silent Set: an adventurous DJ set that engages with the limits of perception.

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